Helpful Tips For Dressing Your Dog

There are occasions that your pet needs to be dressed up such as bad weather. In freezing weather, it is important to keep your pets warm and comfortable especially if they have short thin fur. Some breeds are more susceptible to the cold than others. You can dress them up in other occasions as well given that you choose appropriate clothing that they will be comfortable in.
If your pet has a thick coat with long fur, chances are that they don’t need much in the way of clothing. As explained above, they will be more useful to pets with a thinner coat. In such an occasion you can find stylish dog jackets online to suit your pet. You have to be careful in choosing clothes as they have to be a perfect fit. Constricting clothes or loose fitting clothes will be uncomfortable for them to wear and they may not like the experience. Sometimes clothing can help with their anxiety. Some pets will love the attention they get from wearing the outfits.

You can use positive reinforcement when you train your pet. Think of it as teaching them a new trick. It will be a little difficult at first but with encouragement and treats they will associate clothing with good behaviour. You can train them by giving a treat at every step of the process of dressing. It will be easier to train them with simple outfits. Clothing that covers the head, legs or their private parts might not be very comfortable or functional. There are dog clothes for sale online. There is a large range of clothing for every season and every occasion. Visit this link for more info on gourmet dog treats from Australia.
It is important to gauge your pet’s mood when they are dressed up. See if they are happy and comfortable in the clothing. If they seem stressed it is better to take it off. Maybe the outfit doesn’t fit well or it chafes. You can experiment with different outfits to see how they react to it. It is naturally easier to get them used to clothes if you train them while they’re puppies. This way they have more time to get used to it and they will feel comfortable with it. Whatever clothing you choose, it has to be something that they can move freely in. They will resent it if the outfit impedes their movement. If there are too many accessories in the garment such as hanging elements, buttons, shiny thing, they may feel compelled to chew them off and swallow them. It is very important that you teach them proper behaviour when they are in an outfit. You can reward them for good behaviour to help them understand.